Beverly High School-JV Football Schedule 2020

Week One-Beverly @ Haverhill (Monday, 9/14) 4:00 PM

Week Two-Lynn English (H)-(Saturday, 9/19) 10:00 AM

Week Three-Danvers (H)-(Saturday, 9/26) 10:00 AM

Week Four-Beverly@Peabody-(Saturday, 10/3) 10:00 AM

Week Five-Beverly@Marblehead-(Monday, 10/12) 4:00 PM

Week Six-Swampscott (H)-(Saturday, 10/17) 10:00 AM

Week Seven-Masconomet (H)-(Saturday, 10/24) 10:00 AM

Week Eight-Masconomet (H)-(Saturday, 10/31) 10:00 AM

Week Nine-Beverly@Lynn Classical-(Saturday, 11/7) 10:00 AM

Week Ten-Beverly@Salem-(Saturday, 11/14) 10:00 AM


*(All times/dates subject to change)




Beverly Panthers Freshman Football 2019 Roster

Matt Sopp #3

Logan Petrosino #5

Rashad Willis #7

Dylan Moore #10

Zach Whittemore #11

Jared Pieroni #12

John O'Connell #15

Devon Smalls #17

Cayden Howard #21

Drew Fowler #22

Gabe Copeland #23

Robert Felix #25

Jacob Howard #28

Marcello Pinto #29

Lucas Tremblay #36

Tyler Dominquez #45

Cedric Schirer-Suter #50

Paul Belmonte #52

Drew Sadoski #56

Jackson Champlain #57

Miles Rand #58

A.J. Quealy #60

Anthony Mastroianni #66

Chris Tsimounis #70

Connor Day #73

Rowan Morneau #77

Connor Burta #84

Max Salerno #87

Team Statistics

Player                                                  T.D.                                X.P.              

Marcello Pinto                                   12                                    5                  

Gabe Copeland                                    9                                    7                  

Devon Smalls                                      5                                    4                  Matt Sopp                                            3                                    4                  

Drew Fowler                                        2                                                        

Jared Pieroni                                       1                                                         

Logan Petrosino                                 1                                                         

Lucas Tremblay                                  1                                                         

Robert Felix                                         1                                                         

Interceptions                                               Touchdown Passes

Drew Fowler-3                                             Matt Sopp-1            

Gabe Copeland-2                                                                           

Robert Felix-2                                              Fumble Recoveries

Logan Petrosino-2                                       Gabe Copeland-2    

Marcello Pinto-1                                          6 tied with one

Drew Sadoski-1

Matt Sopp-1

Junior Varsity Football 2019

The Beverly Junior Varsity finished the year at 7-1. The team always came to play and showed a lot of team defense and big play capability. Special thanks to coaches who helped run the show both at the varisty and JV level. (Coaches Brown, Theriault, Picard, Pasquerosa,  and Nieves)

9/07-Saturday-Winthrop (Home) 10:00 AM (Hurd Stadium)


9/23-Monday-Lynn English (Home) 4:00 PM (Hurd Stadium)

10/01-Tuesday-Swampscott (Home) 4:00 PM (Hurd Stadium)

10/05-Saturday-Marblehead (Away) 10:00 AM (Marblehead High School)

10/12-Saturday-Gloucester (Away) 10:00 AM (Gloucester High School)

10/21-Monday-Danvers (Home) 4:00 PM (Hurd Stadium)

10/26-Saturday-Peabody (Away) 4:00 PM (Peabody High School)

11/04-Monday-Revere(Home) 4:00 PM (Hurd Stadium)

11/09-Saturday-Lynn Classical (Home) 10:00 AM (Manning Field)

11/14-Thursday-Salem (Home) 4:00 PM (Hurd Stadium)

Freshman Football 2019

Final Record (9-0)

9/05-@Lynnfield (Away) 4:00 PM (Lynnfield High School)-Beverly-28  Lynnfield-18

9/12-Masconomet (Home) 4:00 PM (Hurd Stadium)-Beverly-22  Masco-20

9/19-Triton (Home) 4:00 PM (Hurd Stadium)-Beverly-22  Triton-0

9/26-@Salem (Away) (Bertram Field, Salem, MA)-Beverly-34  Salem-8

10/3-Marblehead (Home) 4:00 PM (Hurd Stadium)-Beverly-24 Marblehead-0

10/10-@Danvers (Away) 4:00 PM (Danvers High School)-Beverly-36 Danvers-12

10/24-Peabody (Home) 4:00 PM (Hurd Stadium)-Beverly-34 Peabody-12

10/31-@Revere(Away) 4:00 PM (Revere High School)-Beverly-22 Revere-8

11/07-Lynn Classical (Home) 4:00 PM (Hurd Stadium)-Beverly-22 Lynn Classical-0

Junior Varsity/Freshman Football 2018

Junior Varsity 2018
Led by Coach Cawlina and Coach Brown, Coach Picard, Coach Nieves, and COach Morency (Kevin) the junior varsity had a strong year for the 2018 Panthers. (finishing at 6-1-1) Each and every week, players who dedicated their practice time to help the varsity win, got their shot to show their stuff; the JV Panther showed obvious improvement and came to play each and every week.

Freshman Football 2018

Congratulations to the BHS Freshman Football team and coaches for their remarkable undefeated season. More details to follow that will celebrate the season! (Coaches Dave Wilbur and Nate Verry)

9/09-Saturday-Frosh-@Chelmsford, Chelmsford High School, MA (Away-9:00 AM)-(W 14-6)

9/13-Thursday-Frosh@Gloucester, Gloucester High School-Newell Stadium (Away-4:00 pm) (W 36-22)

9/20-Thursday-Frosh-Malden, Hurd Stadium  (Home-4:00 pm) (W 28-24)

9/27-Thursday-Frosh@Marblehead Marblehead High School-Piper Field (Away-4:00 PM) (W 26-0)

10/4-Thursday-Frosh-Somerville, Hurd Stadium  (Home-4:00 pm) (W 24-6)

10/11-Thursday-Frosh-Danvers, Beverly High School  (Home-4:00 pm) (W 10-0)

10/18-Thursday-Frosh@Peabody PeabodyHigh School-Veterans Memorial Field (Away-4:00 PM) (W 30-18)

10/25-Thursday-Frosh-Lynn Classical ,Beverly High School (Home-4:00 PM) (W 38-6)

11/01-Thursday-Frosh-Triton, Beverly High School (Home-4:00 PM) (W 40-6)

11/08-Thursday-Frosh@ Salem, Bertram Field, Salem MA (4:00 PM) (W 28-8)

Beverly High School Freshmen Football 2017


A Letter From Coach Wilbur (November 15, 2017)

The date was August 18th, as we came together for the first time and you were beginning your days at BHS. Being a freshman means many new things: school & routine, teachers, coaches, classmates and teammates. Adjusting to the routine and responsibilities of being a student-athlete at the high school level has challenges. After 52 practice sessions and 9 games you should all be proud of yourself for what you have accomplished-individually and as a team. 

The final record was 8-1 which was outstanding and truly earned. In our first 5 games we completely dominated the competition. The reason for that was that you are a talented group of athletes and also very hard working. Early in the season our practices are long, hard, and challenging-football practice is difficult because that is the nature of the sport. You came to practice with a focus and developed into an excellent practice team and that lead to our success on game day. The 2nd half of the season (our last 4 games) was difficult. Not only were we playing the best teams, but every team improves and you are getting a great effort every week. When we played Peabody (undefeated)-Lynn Classical (1 Loss)and the Swampscott JV team (undefeated)-you played you best football when it mattered most. Good teams rise to the occasion  when the going gets tough and you certainly did that. And finally, beating your arch rival Salem was the completition of a championship season.

At the beginning of the season we told you that we would work hard and have fun doing it. As coaches it is our hope that you learned about the game of football, made new friends, enjoyed the experience and most importnt-learned something about yourself. 

We thoroughly enjoyed coaching you and wish you all the best going forward as student athletes at BHS.

Thank You Go Panthers

Coach Nate Verry

Coach Dave Wilbur

Game 1-Beverly 26...Pentucket 16...The Panthers traveled north to West Newbury to take on the Pentucket Sachems, the season opener for both teams and the boys form BHS were ready to play. The Panthers scored on their first possession to take control. The running game was clicking as the offensive line opened up some big holes for the running backs. The defense was all over the Sachem offense, with excellent gang tackling, as teh Panthers rolled to a 20-0 halftime lead....TDs-Dan Morency (2), Jaichan Jones, Kevin Regan...XP-Dan Morency (Record 1-0)

Game 2-Beverly 42...Gloucester 20...A perfect day for football at historic Hurd Stadium between old rivals. The Panthers returned the opening kickoff and added the extra point to tak an 8-0 lead before the fans had a chance to sit down. The Fishermen returned the favor and the score was 8-6 at the end of the 1rst quarter. From then on, it was all Panthers as the punishing running game and aggressive defense gave the Panthers a 28-12 lead at the half.... TDs-Dan Morency, Jaichan Jones (3), Kevin Regan (2), ...XP-Ryan Martel, Jaichaun Jones, Joe Loretti (Record 2-0)

Game 3-Beverly 36...Malden 6...Last week it was Hurricane Irma, then Hurricane Jose-and just when we thought the tropical storm season was over the Panthers had to tangle with the Golden Tornadoes. As expected, the Panthers invaded Malden's Mc Donald stadium and it was the, "Perfect Storm" if you were a BHS fan. The Panthers jumped out fast and scored on their first two possessions... TDs-Owen Keve, Jaichan Jones (2), Kevin Regan, Joe Loretti...XP-Huriel Calice, Kevin Regan, Anthony Pasquarosa (Record 3-0)

Game 4-Beverly 26...Marblehead 0...On a sunny day at Hurd stadium the Panthers had all the tricks today. BHS opened the game with a 65 yard drive resulting in a TD. The Panthers dominated the first half but a tough Marblehead team battled and the game was 8-0. The 2nd half opened with the Panthers scoring on a turnover and from there it was ll Beverly... TDs-Jaichan Jones (2), Kevin Regan, Anthony Pasquarosa...XP-Dan Morency (Record 4-0)

Game 5-Beverly 36...Danvers 0...On a beautiful fall afternoon the Panthers travel to Dr Deering Stadium to take on our border rival. The Panthers set the tone early with a defensive stop and then the offense drove 65 yards for an early score and a 8-0 lead. The aggresive BHS defense completely shut out the Falcons. The offense opened up the passing game and the Panthers lead at the hlaf 22-0...

 TDs-Jaichan Jones, Joe Loretti, Dan Morency, Nick Cole, Huriel Calice...XP-Grady Smith (2), Huriel Calice (Record 5-0)

Game 6-Beverly 36...Peabody 16...Sunny skies and warm temperatures brought out the fans to see the 2 top NEC frosh teams battle at picture perfect Hurd Stadium. The Panthers were all over the Tanners from the opening whistle and scored on their first possession to take a 6-0 lead that remained thoughout the first quarter. The BHS defense was physical and swarming to the ball as they stopped Peabody on their first two possessions. The offense punched in another score and before you knew it the good guys were ahead 14-0...TDs-Kevin Regan (2), Dan Morency, Jaichaun Jones, Huriel Calice...XP-Dan Morency, Kevin Regan, Grady Smth (Record 6-0)

Game 7-Beverly 36...Lynn Classical 20...The Panthers traveled to Manning Field to tangle with the Rams (5-1). It was a very exciting game from start to finish with both tems playing very well. The Panthers struck first to take an 8-0 lead at the end of the first quarter and extended the lead to 16-0  with 2 minutes left in the first half. The Rams showed plenty of fight and scored in the last minute of the half  and closed the lead to 16-6. Classical scored on the first possession of the third quarter and the Panthers were in a dogfight at 16-14. From that point on, it was all BHS and the boys put it into another gear...TDs-Joe Loretti, Dan Morency, Jaichaun Jones, Huriel Calice (2)...XP-Huriel Calice (2), Grady Smth (2) (Record 7-0)

Game 8-Swampscott 22...Beverly 14...At Forti Field, two undefeated teams met in a late season match up that was not decided until the game's final play. The Panthers struck first, once again scoring on their first possession to lead 8-0. The Big Bue JV team answered the call and tied the game 8-8 at the end of the first quarter. Both teams traded 2nd quarter touchdowns and the game was tied 14-14 at the half. The 2nd half was full of excitement as both offenses moved the ball but the defenses stiffened to stop drives by both teams. Late in the 3rd quarter, the Panthers were inches short on 4th down inside the SHS 10 yard line...TDs-Dan Morency, Huriel Calice...XP-Jaichaun Jones (Record 7-1)

Game 9-Beverly 30...Salem 2...The Panthers scored early and often and really took it to their rivals on a rainy day at Forti Field. The Panthers closed out the season in style with a total team effort from start to finish. TDs-Joe Loretti, Dan Morency (2), Kevin Regan, Ben Swanick...XP-Dan Morency, Jaichaun Jones, Joe Loretti  (Record 8-1)

BHS Frosh Football 2017
Player and Parent Information
(A Message from Coach Wilbur)
1. No player will be allowed to participate without proof of a physical. A copy of the physical and documentation of the date of the physical i required. If the physical expires during the season, a new physical must be completed.
2. All registration forms are available online at : or (Contact Athletic Director-Dan Keefe @ 978-921-6141, ext.12139
3. All players will have a locker in the football locker room to keep clothes and equipment. The locker room is secure, but we recommend that you leave all of your valuables at home. BHS isn't responsible for lost or stolen property and we suggest you provide a lock for your locker.
4. All players must take a concussion impact test on Thursday, August 17th. The test is in the BHS cafeteria and you will need to bring your lap top computer.
5. Practice starts on Friday, August 18th. We will be having a team meeting (9:00 AM) to get organized and will take the field for practice at 10:00 AM and be finished at 12:00 PM. The first three practices will be without pads. You should bring the following items for practice: athletic shorts, football cleats, socks, sneakers, T-Shirt, and sunscreen.
6. As you see on the schedule, we have a busy practice schedule. By state rule you must have a certain number of practices before you can pay in a game, and out first game is Sept. 7th. Up to our first game we will practice 6 days a week, but after our first game we practice and play Monday-Friday and you will have Saturday and Sunday off.
7. All student-athletes are expected to attend all practice sessions, unexcused absences will not be tolerated. Please try to schedule appointments around practices and games. Communication between the player and the coach is very important. We realize that situations arise, and we can always work things out if we are notified in advance. The only way the coaching staff can develop football players is if they are committed to teh team and understand their responsibility. 
8. The main goal of the coaching staff is to help every player develop s a student athlete. We want every player to learn the game, improve their skills and enjoy the experience. We will work hard to be the best we can be and have fun doing it along the way. The coaching staff is looking forward to working with you.
9. If you have any questions, call me at 978-578-8880-thank you
Go Panthers
Dave Wilbur-BHS Frosh Football-Head Coach
Nate Verry-BHS Frosh Football-Assistant Coach

Freshman Football 2016

9/12 Monday-JVs-@Wakefield (3:45 pm) Wakefield Memorial High School (W 32-6)

9/19 Monday-JVs-@Gloucester (3:45 pm) Gloucester High School (W 6-0)

9/26 Monday-JVs-@Peabody (3:45 pm) Peabody Vets Memorial High School (L 28-6)

10/3 Monday-JVs-@Lynn English (3:45 pm) Lynn English High School (W 30-8)

10/8 Saturday-JVs-vrs. Marblehead (10:00 am) Beverly High School  (W 34-16)

10/17 Monday-JVs-@Danvers (3:45 pm) Danvers High School (W 26-12)

10/22 Saturday-JVs-vrs Lynn Classical (10:00 am) Beverly High School (L 16-6)

10/29 Saturday-JVs-@Revere (10:00 am) Revere High School (W 22-6)

11/7  Monday-JVs-vrs.Malden (3:45 pm) Beverly High School (W 26-6)

11/12 Saturday-JVs-@Salem (10 am) Bertram Field (W 22-8)

Final Record 8-2

(210 points scored, 108 against)

Game 1 Beverly Panthers 32 Wakefield 6...The temperature was over 90 degrees and the Panthers were sizzling as they dominated the Warriors at Wakefield's Landrigan Stadium. Playing their first high school football game, the team started fast, scoring on their first possession to take a early 8-0 lead. The Panthers extended the lead to 24-0 at the half and it was cruise control from there. The offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage and the backs ran hard. The defense was excellent in every area, completely shutting down the WHS running game. All players contributed in the victory and it was a happy bus ride back home to Panther Land. (1-0)

TDs-Duncan Moreland (3), Mike Rhodes (1)...XP-Edwin Perez, Marje Mulumba, Tom McDonald, CC Johnson-Henderson

Game 2 Beverly Panthers 6 Gloucester 0...The Panthers traveled up to Rt. 128 to play one of our arch rivals at O'Malley Field on a perfect day for football. Both teams really came to play as the defense dominated the action. The Panthers moved the ball in the first half  but kept coming away empty until about 3 minutes left in the half. The Panthers then put together a drive and scored with about one minute left before the break to take a 6-0 lead into half time. The 2nd half again was a back and forth affair with both teams playing solid defense.Gloucester had the ball at mid field with 3 minutes left in the game, but the Panthers held on on a 4th and 3 to stop the drive and seal the victory. The BHS defense was excellent all day and the kids really earned a hard fought win. (2-0)

TD-Duncan Moreland

Game 3 Peabody Tanners 28 Beverly Panthers 6...The Panthers traveled to Cooley Lee Field for a battle with the talented Tanners. On a sunny afternoon for football the Panthers took the opening kickoff and went 75 yards to score on a very impressive opening drive-and things were looking good for the boys from BHS. Then the Tanners responded quickly to take a 8-6 lead at the end of one. PHS was able to extend the lead to 20-6 at the half, and the Panthers defense struggled to stop the Tanners running game. The Panthers regrouped and held the Tanners to only one more score for the 2nd half, but the Panthers on offense couldn't finish their drives and the Tanners walked away with a win. (2-1)

TD-CC Johnson-Henderson

Game 4 Beverly Panthers 30 Lynn English Bulldogs 8...At Manning Field, the boys bounced back from last week's loss and played an inspired game against the Bulldogs. BHS scored on their 2nd possession to take an early 8-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. The Panthers defense created 4 turnovers and the offense took full advantage to take a 22-0 lead at the half. All players contributed in a solid win against a physical team. On this day, the offense opened up with an inspired passing attack, and on defense, gang tackling ruled the day. (3-1)

TDs-Edwin Perez, CC Johnson-Henderson, Duncan Moreland (2)...XP Nick Carbone, Marje Mulumba, Tom McDonald

Game 5 Beverly Panthers 34 Marblehead Magicians 16...After 4 games on the road, the Panthers returned to Hurd Stadium to play the tough Magicians. It was a beautiful day for football and it was the Panthers who had most of the magic in convincing win. After a scoreless 1rst quarter, the boys put up two scores in the 2nd to take a 14-0 lead at the half. BHS dominated the 2nd half with a potent passing attack and a smothering defense. (4-1)

TDs-Edwin Perez, Marje Mulumba, Sean Demarkis, Mike Rhodes, Tom Mc Donald...XP-Duncan Moreland (2)

Game 6 Beverly Panthers 26 Danvers Falcons 12...The Panthers took a short bus ride to take on the high flying Falcons. Both teams came ready to play but the Panthers jumped out to a 14-0 lead, and the rest of the game up to the fourth quarter became a defensive struggle. The Panthers then scored on an impressive 4th quarter drive that put the boys up 20-0 with about a quarter to play. (5-1) 

TDs-Edwin Perez (2), Marje Mulumba, Duncan Moreland...XP-CC Johnson-Henderson

Game 7 Lynn Classical Rams 16 Beverly Panthers 6...The Panthers took a 3 game winning streak into Hurd Stadium to take on the talented Rams. The Classical running game was tough and thir line controlled the ball for a good portion of the day. L.C. scored midway into the 2nd to take a 8-0 lead. But right before the half, the Panthers scored on a long pass play to make it an 8-6 game at the break. Despite some tough defense, the Rams scored late in the third to take a 16-6 lead. 

TD-Duncan Moreland (5-2)

Game 8 Beverly Panthers 22 Revere Patriots 8...The Patriots and Panthers battled at Frank Forti Field on a cold wet dreary day for football. Handling the football was an issue early, but once BHS got rolling, everything clicked. After a scoreless first quarter, the Panthers put up a quick 14 points and lead at half. The rain came in the 2nd half and the Panthers defense took control after that


TDs-CC Johnson-Henderson, Marje Mulumba, Angel Delacruz...XP-Edwin Perez

Game 9 Beverly Panthers 26 Malden Golden Tornados 6...Although the Panthers were outplayed in a scoreless 1rst quarter, the Panthers exploded for 24 points in the 2nd to take a 24 point lead into halftime. The running game was really strong today, and the defense continued to shine, holding Malden to minimal offensive gains. (7-2)

TDs-Duncan Moreland (2), Marje Mulumba...XP-Edwin Perez, Alexi Echevarria

Game 10 Beverly Panthers 22 Salem Witches 8...When you play your rival, it usually brings out the best in both teams. The Panthers came to play against a tough frosh/soph combo team. The Panthers came out and took a 8-0 lead. Both teams played tough defense, and the Panthers were able to score right before the half to go into break leading 14-0. The 2nd half was hard hitting defensive affair but the Panthers proved to be too much on a turnover driven effort by the Beverly defense. (8-2)

TDs-Marje Mulumba, CC Johnson-Henderson, Alexi Echevarria...XPs-Duncan Moreland, CC Johnson-Henderson

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Off Season Schedule-Lifting, College Visits-See website or Coach Morency for details

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